In an era of constantly evolving market, a business relies mostly on their human resources among other factors. The significance of human resources and their role for the company’s growth introduces a new factor to the equation – cost-effectiveness for human resources employment and deployment. Achieving the same level of operational adeptness from the staffs with an overly reduced cost helps a business leverage their economic sphere. Low-cost, added with less human resource management requirements makes it a holy-grail situation for companies that can drastically meliorate the company’s place in the competitive market.

That’s where Staff Augmentation comes into play, allowing businesses to hire staffs for specific needs for required amount of time without increasing the budget and cutting down the need for intensive human resources supervision and management. This ensures that proper human resources are being allocated to their field of expertise whilst cutting down the company’s budget for human resources. The hired staffs work for the company on a contract-based agreement for specified time period.

Yeti Technologies has been offering reliable IT Staff Augmentation services for the past decade. Our network of experienced developers and IT Professionals ensures you’re getting the right staff for the right project, ranging from front-end and backend development to UI/UX Design and so forth. We will devise and set-up a team of staffs on a contract basis, based on your project’s requirements. 


Oftentimes, the staffs working for you might not have the right skill set or field of expertise for a complex project. Hiring an employee in the traditional way for only one project is not practical. Staff Augmentation allows you the liberty to do just that. 

This makes it easier to hire staffs for specific needs and specific time periods and can hugely contribute to the operational efficacy of your company’s projects, and at the same time, cuts down a chunk of budget for human resources. A win-win!


With a completely revamped and innovative methodology for staff augmentation, Yeti Technologies proves to stand out among similar other staff augmentation enterprises.

We emphasize on proper team formulation based on our client’s requirements. This means you’re always getting the right staff for the right project. Our trustworthiness and reliability also makes us one of the best staff augmentation companies in Texas.