Yeti Technologies provides a professional, cost effective onshore and offshore development, IT consulting service and staffing and recruitment services. We take the time to understand your needs in great detail.


Yeti Technologies has been offering reliable IT Staff Augmentation services to our clients. Our network of experienced developers and IT Professionals ensures you’re getting the right staff for the right project, ranging from front-end and backend development to UI/UX Design and so forth. We will devise and set-up a team of staffs on a contract basis, based on your project’s requirements. 

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With every new project that surfaces, a company is met with new challenges that require unique solutions. Ideally, companies aim to minimize their expenses for staffing and ensure maximum effectiveness at the same time. Outsourcing helps by letting companies hire a custom team of staffs carved out for a particular project needs. Yeti Technologies is known for its superior outsourcing services. We will help you meet your enterprise goals while keeping the price bar as minimum as possible.

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Our developer team is supremely adept at weaving professional and user friendly UI and UX for your websites and applications. Websites are unquestionably one of the crucial assets for your business’s goodwill and reputation. A cluttered, unprofessional and all-over-the-place navigation and User Experience in a website can directly cause your audience to have a negative impression about your company.

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Yeti Technologies is your best choice if you’re looking for a mobile app development company. We provide app development services with excellent code revision and refactoring to ensure the output result is unrivalled. Our experienced team of software developers have excellent proficiency at developing apps for multiple or cross platforms including iOS, Android and Windows. 

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We at Yeti Technologies provide excellent and top-notch software development services to our customers through staff augmentation. If your company is in need of a software developer for a project, look no further. The network of software developers ranging from DevOps Engineer to Python, Xamarin, GoLang Developer and Mainframe Programmer here at Yeti Technologies makes it certain that you will get the right staff for what your project needs

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About Yeti Technologies

Yeti Technologies is a business enterprise based in Texas, primarily aimed at providing top-tier and reasonably affordable IT Consultation, Staff Augmentation and Software Engineering services to our customers.

Our work ethic prioritizes customer satisfaction, professionalism and affordability, and we pledge to provide excellent services to our customers. We handle each new client individually to ensure our services are perfectly cut out for their needs. We work in conjunction with our clients to forge together a robust IT solution structure that substantially cuts down overhead expenses, provides unique solutions for enterprise issues related to IT and works to refine your company's efficacy and workflow.

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