Yeti Technologies is a business enterprise based in Texas, primarily aimed at providing top-tier and reasonably affordable IT Consultation, Staff Augmentation and Software Engineering services to our customers. 

Today’s competitive market introduces a new array of challenges to companies for human resources recruitment, especially to new budding startups. That’s where we help our customers and serve state-of-the-art Staff Augmentation and IT Consultation services. With a pool of highly dedicated logisticians and experienced IT Consultants, Yeti Technologies commits to providing tailored services to achieve our clients’ individual needs and consequently help their business flourish and evolve. 


  • To help companies of varied statuses to achieve maximum efficiency in human resources management and budget;
  • To be a reliable and favorable partner for companies we work with through strong client relationship;
  • To be a leading company in the field of IT solutions industry;
  • To aid companies in meeting their organizational goals through dynamic software solutions;


Yeti Technologies aims to provide cost-effective, trustworthy and unique IT solutions to our customers through staff augmentation, outsourcing and development services. We seek to not just help companies, be it a budding startup or a well-established enterprise, to solve existent business challenges but also maintain strong customer relationship in the process.

Our core values and visions prioritizes:

  • Customer Satisfaction: We understand the norms and values of the businesses we work with and handle each client's situation uniquely with specialized customer-centric delivery model to provide the best possible services to our customers.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Our services are reasonably cost-friendly because we believe that alongside solving daily business challeneges, our clients aim for maximum operational cost-efficiency as well.
  • Co-ordination: We believe working in a team maximizes the output and that requires co-ordination. We work co-operatively to faciliate sharing of sustainable ideas and solutions.
  • Transparency: We're transparent with our clients. We keep a constant contact with our customers so that they can check on the progress or status of their project.



Yeti Technologies proves to stand out among other similar agencies. Our services are top-notch while being cost-effective at the same time. Our expert team of professionals ensures quality in the services we provide. We strongly value relationship with our customers since we believe our customers are the most significant stakeholders in our business. Among other reasons, there are some peculiar reasons why you may want to partner with us for your company's success:

Customer-centric Delivery Model

  • To satisfy individual clients' needs;
  • Robust and innovative services based on client's requirements;
  • On-time delivery and reliability

Security and Privacy Prioritized

  • Policies set up for information security of customer's application and data;
  • We confront IP confidentiality and security measures for Network, Data and Physical Security;

Long-Term Vision

  • To build strong mutual relationship with our customers;
  • We value your business goals as much as we value ours;
  • Sustainable solutions and services